peter_lopez_medI am a Artist, Wood Sculptor and Author.
I paint sacred art portraying 18th and 19th century Spanish and Mexican Imagery of holy personages.  My retablos and bultos represent traditional images unique to my New Mexican heritage.

By commingling New Mexican, Mexican Baroque and Spanish Provincial styles, I attempt to create art forms which express the emotional beauty of the spiritual faith of my ancestors.  Through my work I hope to provide for my culture a connection with our European, Mexican and Spanish roots and to express my individual and spiritual identity.

See my latest photos of the making of a bulto from start to finish here >

Video of Tree Sculpture in Progress


Peter began this fourteen foot tree carving in the summer of 2012 and completed it in May of 2013. The carving was done with a chain saw and hand carving tools. This was a volunteered project without compensation from the City of Las Vegas. It was Peter’s way of giving back to his community for supporting his art achievements. The carving “El Campesino” (Peasant farm laborer) was dedicated by Peter to Farm Workers, San Isidro and the Tri-County Farmers’ Market in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Mayor, Alfonso E. Ortiz Jr. proclaimed May 23rd “El Campesino Day”, the day it was dedicated by the City of Las Vegas NM in 2013.